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Meet Coach Sheila Madden

Sheila Madden, CEO, Madden Coaching & Consulting

 Hi. My name is Sheila Madden and I am the CEO of Madden Coaching & Consulting. My firm provides executive coaching  and consulting  to businesses as well as private coaching with clients like you who want to Live An Extraordinary Life.

 I have  worked as a coach for many years…OK, 30 to be exact!  My career has included working as a Talent Management Executive  inside corporations  such as IBM, Tandem, The Learning Company, and GlobalEnglish. I am also an entrepreneur  and started my coaching and consulting business 15 years ago.  In addition, I have also worked as a freelance writer. If you want to check out the details of my background you can find out more by clicking here:
When  I was 38 I had what I affectionately call an early mid life crisis.  I realized that after achieving what I thought was “success”…big  job, big salary, big office, that I was very unhappy. I came to the painful realization that I had, in fact, been living as an “extra” in other people’s lives. I could not answer the questions: Who am I? What do I want? How do I create life on my terms?  That is when I did what I would not necessarily recommend to anyone else. I quit my job, (Uh-ha, at the height of my career) hired a coach and spent the next 6 months beginning to get to know myself.
At the conclusion of the 6 months, I started  my coaching and consulting business and began working part-time with some fabulous corporate leaders and businesses in  Silicon Valley. (This part-time work yielded the same income as fulltime work AND gave me the flexibility to explore other things that I thought I might be good at) I enrolled in a 9 month program studying Yoga and became certified to teach. I enrolled and graduated from Coach University just for the fun of it. Then I studied Reiki and expanded my coaching practice to include energy work. I wrote two volumes of poetry, a book of true stories and did freelance writing which included advertising copy as well as restaurant reviews (SO much fun because of course you have to eat  and drink what you are going to share with readers.  Did I mention  that I love to eat and drink great red wine?)

It was an amazing time.  A time of deep spiritual reawakening and a fun time of realizing that when I actually took the time to focus and get out of my own way, I not only knew what I wanted but that I had the power to create it. I have been mind-fully creating my life ever since and it’s been a blast!

Now, nothing is more important to me than being a catalyst for others to do the same. How?   By partnering with you to:
  1. Expand your consciousness and your vision of possibilities for your personal and professional life
  2. Awaken your dreams
  3. Understand your strengths and contribute mind-fully both personally and professionally
  4. Fulfillyour potential and help others do the same

I follow a  process and it consistently works.   I’d love to share it with you. If you are interested in creating exactly what you want in life, please call me and let’s talk: (831) 277-4919 or email any questions you may have:


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