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Client Feedback

The clients in my practice  are very diverse and include executives, business owners, college students/recent graduates, early career professionals, non-profit leaders, venture capitalists, stay-at-home moms and many others. Here is what some of them have said about our work together.

“Sheila’s coaching is a magical outcome of the boardroom and her personal spiritual path. She combines her years of senior corporate management with an empowering understanding of ‘how people really work’ on an energetic and spiritual level. I recommend her work unconditionally.”  Katherine Springer, World Health Organization

“I have worked with Sheila on two early stage companies during periods of rapid growth and organizational challenges. She is an A+ professional and a great asset and resource for any organization or individual seeking leadership coaching and guidance at the highest level. She is an excellent strategic business thinker. Her high emotional and social intelligence allows her to be extremely effective. Above all, she is someone I consider a trusted executive advisor and coach.”   Reece Duca, Chairman of the Board and Founder, GlobalEnglish Corporation & Partner at IGSB

Sheila is a strong business and organizational strategist as well as an incredibly insightful leader in her field. She is so keenly aware of organizational nuances and individual behavior, and has such capacity for empathy, mixed with a truly unique capability to relate to all situations, that her insights are incredibly right on. Sheila and I worked together for several years focusing on building a  high performing team, as well as strengthening the management and executive bench. I truly considered Sheila a trusted partner in the success of my organization and turned to her many times, like many of my co-workers, for her advice and guidance. She was always able to target her coaching at the right level for highest impact, and always pushes (“tough love”) for individual breakthroughs. She is one of those great leaders who believe that sharing her experience, coupled with open and honest conversation is the best way to get to a truly effective solution.  I hold tremendous value on Sheila’s insights and leadership and am very proud to call her my friend.”   Michelle Haag, VP, Strategy & User Experience LEVEL, A Rosetta Company

“Sheila is an extremely effective coach. I am amazed at how quickly she can help me “lift the veil” to see my full potential and to understand what I need to do to achieve my goals. She has deep wisdom and a unique skill set which includes being compassionate, analytical, intuitive, strategic and fun.”  Jano Kray, IT Consultant

“I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Sheila. I was very impressed with her knowledge when we worked together!”  Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach, Best Selling Author, “MOJO: How To Keep It, How To Get It Back”

“Your impact on my business and personal life is immeasurable. You are a true blessing.”  Andy Chan, VP Career Services, Wake Forest University

Sheila brings insightful intelligence and good judgement to her coaching. I am able to rely on her sound knowledge of the business world and her professional and responsible guidance. It is a genuine pleasure to have her as my coach.”   Caroline Melnicoff, Owner, CMC Public Relations

“Along the complex journey we call life, Sheila is one of the few whose thoughtfulness and clarity can illuminate the trail ahead and unlock the joy of the journey itself.”  Les Schmidt, CEO, Songbird

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