Live An Extraordinary Life

The Path To Living An Extraordinary Life Begins With Imagining It As Done

Posted on: May 2, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jano Kray

Hi and Welcome!

 It is spring and many of us are preparing to plant our gardens. Before I ready the soil or buy the plants, I take the time to imagine the garden in full bloom. I let my imagination play with the different colors, textures and fragrances that I want to include.

I see myself sitting in the garden having my morning cappuccino and watching the hummingbirds and bees dancing among the burst of colorful flowers while the birds sing in the trees above me. 

I imagine this in such detail that I not only see exactly what I want to plant but I tune in to the feeling that I want to have every time I look onto, or sit in the garden.

 As you begin your plan to Live An Extraordinary Life, it starts with exactly this process.  
Life can either happen on purpose or by accident. It is totally up to you but “Extraordinary” requires mindful attention and what I have learned is that we cannot create what we cannot imagine.
 So, start with these 2 steps and next blog we’ll take it from there. 
  1. First, imagine your life exactly as you want it.  Think through every detail. Write it down if it helps.
  2. As you are imagining this, observe any thoughts that show up that do not fully support your vision…then invite them to go on vacation to Madagascar and then return to seeing your perfect life!
Here is a short meditation to read daily from Ernest Holmes to help:

“I now affirm with complete acceptance that the Intelligence which created all things is leading and guiding me into the accomplishment of every good and worthwhile purpose. This Presence exists at the very center of my being and is flowing through me, establishing happiness, joy, abundance, harmonious living and a constructive use of the creative power of my mind. I am now open to new ideas, new hopes and new aspirations.”


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